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Interested in joining the Parent Engagement Group?

Contact Kitty Hudson Cawley

2014-15 Parent Engagement Group


Kitty Hudson Cawley, Student Achievement

Work Group Members:

Alan Hirsch, Da Vinci Junior High School

Joy Klineberg, Willett & Holmes

Jenny Kobold, Patwin

Merissa Leamy, Montgomery

Inci Midillioglu, Pioneer & Harper

Paula Rivera, Montgomery

3rd Annual Parent Engagement Night

Helping Your Child Thrive in School!

Thank you to all parents, community members, district teachers, staff & principals who joined the February 3rd conversation at Harper Junior High School. 

As many of you requested, Breakout Session presenters submitted their PowerPoint presentations and handouts. Presentations are posted below. 

Need more information? Email your question to ParentEngagement@djusd.net

Breakout Session Descriptions

1. Keys to Success with the New Common Core Teaching Standards

Stephanie Gregson, DJUSD Director Curriculum, Assessment and Learning

The Common Core State Standards are a set of new expectations for our children and were adopted by the State of California in 2010. Come learn about what your students will be experiencing in their classroom and how to best help your child succeed at home.

Common Core: A New Way to Learn, The Davis Enterprise



PowerPoint Presentation from Keys to Success with the New Common Core Teaching Standards


Contact Stephanie Gregson


Common Core Words Image 2.jpg

2. Helping Your Child Succeed in Junior High Math with the New Common Core - Holmes, Emerson and Da Vinci Junior High Schools

Pat King, Holmes Math Teacher

The new Common Core standards & assessments ask students to demonstrate competency beyond just algorithms. We’ll look at developing reasoning for Junior High students as well as understanding concepts. Includes CPM resources available to parents and students.



PowerPoint Presentation from Helping Your Child Succeed in Junior High Math with the New Common Core - CPM

CPM Parent Handout

Developing Mathematical Thinking with Effective Questions

CPM Math Image.jpg

3. Helping Your Child Succeed in Junior High Math with the New Common Core - Harper Junior High School

Jack Dapkewicz, Harper Math Teacher

Yves Bouyssounouse, Harper Math Teacher

The new Common Core standards & assessments ask students to demonstrate competency beyond just algorithms. We’ll look at developing reasoning for Junior High students as well as understanding concepts. Includes Harper's "Big Ideas" curriculum resources available to parents and students.



PowerPoint Presentation from Helping Your Child Succeed in Junior High Math with the New Common Core -Big Ideas



Big Ideas Math Image.jpg

4. Making Math Fun for Your Elementary Child: Leveraging the New Common Core Approach

Diana Zaragoza, DJUSD Math Specialist

Kris Weir, Patwin 6th Grade Teacher

Math is FUN-da-MENTAL! Learn about activities, games and resources that will support your elementary student's mathematical thinking and development. Find ways to make math a family event and something everyone can enjoy and gain from.  



PowerPoint Presentation from Making Math Fun for Your Elementary Child

"Math Talk - the importance of math discourse"

"Setting Up Positive Norms in Math Class"


Contact Diana Zaragoza

Math Night Building Structures - Copy.jpg

5. English Learners: Parent and Student Educational Experiences in Davis

DJUSD District English Learner Advisory Committee

Mary Khan, DJUSD English Learner Coordinator

A round table discussion with English Learner parents and students about their educational experiences. The conversation will cover activities and procedures that help them to get familiar with and participate in the educational system, and also include recommended areas for improvement.



English Learner Roundtable Discussion Questions


Contact DJUSD EL Coordinator Mary Khan




ELL Image.jpg

6. DJUSD Family Visit Program – the Value of Building Relationships

Sarah Fonte, Montgomery Kindergarten Teacher

Liza Lopez, Harper Bridge Coordinator

The family home visit program is a family engagement model that promotes communication, mutual respect and trust between families and school staff. Building upon positive relationships with students and their families, it breaks down barriers for school success. Come and learn more about the program!  

Homework Kitchen Image.jpg

7. Exploring the Technology Maze Together: Devices and Internet Safety at Home

           Bill Storm, DJUSD Coordinator of Instructional Technology

This workshop will give parents tools for managing their students’ digital world at home. Discussion of specific features and capabilities of devices in support of school work, managing home devices to better protect Internet browsing and interaction, language to use in discussing online behavior with children, social media, practical implications of the law, Q&A

Buying Guide for ParentsAssociation for Supervision and Curriculum Development



Technology Resources and Links (English)

Technology Resources and Links (Spanish)


Contact DJUSD Instructional Technology Coordinator Bill Storm



Tech Devices Image.jpg

8. Exploring Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education

Marci Bernard, Director of Instructional Technology

Bob Kehr, Director of Technological Support 

A hands-on look into the new world of Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education in DJUSD.  Glimpse how these new platforms enhance instruction, learning and teacher collaboration as we embrace the new Common Core Standards.  Experience logging on to a new Chromebook and checking out a few apps.

Students Get Chromebooks in Davis Classrooms, The Davis Enterprise


Emerson Chromebooks Image.jpgFred Gladdis/Enterprise photo

9. "It's a Great Big Library!" Finding Books that Kids Want to Read

Chris Fluetsch, Willett Librarian

Ways to find reading materials that will appeal to students, especially emerging or resistant readers. Activities for reading engagement and a list of fiction and non-fiction books that appeal to readers of all interest and ability levels will also be included.



PowerPoint presentation from "It's a Great Big Library!"

10. Getting the Most Out of Reading with Your Young Child

Martha Beetley, DJUSD Reading Specialist, Retired

Tara Johnson, Pioneer  Elementary Reading Specialist

We will discuss ways to read and interact with your child to make read-aloud time fun and important. A brief video of various discussion strategies will help you see how to guide conversations about books with your child.



Common Core Dialogic Reading Prompts

Effective Reading Techniques

Dialogic Reading (English) / Lectura dialogica (Spanish)

Dialogic Reading Kindergarteners.jpg

11. Building an Academic Toolkit: AVID Strategies for Success in Junior High and High School Classes

Grace Sauser, DJUSD AVID Coordinator

Why do some students get straight As while other students struggle just to pass their classes?  Intelligence?  Parental support?  While these factors can certainly help, they don’t automatically translate into academic success, and especially long-term success, if the student is missing key elements from their academic toolkit.  Just like a personal trainer can help you get the most out of your workout at the gym, putting AVID’s research-based strategies into your students’ toolkits can help them unlock their true academic potential and even help students who already get straight A's to work more efficiently.  In this session, we will preview a few key strategies and discuss how parents can help students to integrate these strategies at home to be better prepared for the next day.


PowerPoint presentation from "AVID - Building an Academic Toolkit"



Harper AVID Class Image.jpg

12. Strategies for Building Resilience Among Our Youth

Tracy Fauver, Executive Director of Yolo County CASA

In her work with Yolo County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), Tracy hears stories of youth from our community who have experienced multiple childhood traumas. Groundbreaking research out of San Diego has demonstrated the devastating lifelong effects these traumas can have.  Thankfully, there are a multitude of ways that every adult in the community can help to build resilience, not just our most vulnerable foster youth, but in every child in our community.



PowerPoint presentation from Strategies for Building Resilience Among Our Youth


Resiliency Image.jpg

13. "Kelso's Choices!" – helping your elementary child implement problem solving strategies

Susie Carroll, Birch Lane Elementary Counselor

Find out more about Kelso's Choices in this Davis Enterprise article, Elementary School Counselors.




Kelso's Choices Parent Night Handout -- Don't Take the Hook Poster  -- "I" Messages -- Kelso's Choices Score Sheet --Kelso's Choices Poster -- Kelso's Choices Large Wheel Poster -- Counseling Brochure


Visit Counselor Carrell's Website

      Kelso Choices Mural Image.jpg









Sue Cockrell/Enterprise photo

14. Great Climate Committees: Making Safe and Welcoming Schools

Kate Snow, DJUSD Climate Coordinator 

Sylvia Kwon, Member of Cesar Chavez Elementary Climate Committee

Wondering how you can help make school safe and welcoming for everyone, your child included? Hear from District Climate Coordinator and climate committee members about how school climate committees work and get ideas for strengthening your own school's committee and climate. 

       Welcoming School Image.jpg

15. Successfully Navigating the School Experience

Natalie Trigilio, Harper Junior High Counselor

Donna Stephens, Montgomery Counselor

Discussion with counselors on how to team up with the school to support your child

               Navigating School Graduation Image.jpg

16. Willett Elementary Community Cares: Fostering Respect, Responsibility & Resourcefulness

Heidi Perry, Willett Elementary  Principal

Pam Moeller, Willett Elementary Parent

Willett’s Community Cares program engages Willett families in opportunities to work on a variety of community service projects together with their principal. At our monthly assemblies, volunteer opportunities are highlighted that engage families in ways to give back to their community. Community Cares builds citizenship, the sense of service, and enthusiasm about connecting with our families, school and community.



PowerPoint presentation from "Willett Elementary Community Cares"


 Willett Cares Image.jpg

17. Creating an Inclusive & Socially Just Classroom – using parents’ “Funds of Knowledge” to connect with students

Mary Ponce, Korematsu Principal

Lisa Arvin, Korematsu Kindergarten Teacher

Teri Murphy, Korematsu Kindergarten Teacher

Come learn how to affirm the ‘hidden’ home and community resources your students and parents bring to the classroom to ensure success. Avoid the ‘deficit model’ of student assessment and learn how all families, particularly those that have been historically marginalized in our system, flourish in an ‘asset model’ school.



Prezi presentation from Creating an Inclusive and Socially Just Classroom


Contact Lisa Arvin

Contact Teri Murphy

mom, kinder and footprint.jpg

18. Restorative Practices: Strengthening Our Community

Kate Snow, DJUSD Climate Coordinator 

Jenn Mullin, Da Vinci High Counselor

Jim Herrington, CSEA President, DJUSD

Restorative practices focus on building and strengthening relationships, improving climate and culture, and healing the harm that arises when conflict occurs. Come learn the theories that inform this focus and the techniques and tools used within our school community. Restorative practices help our students and adults feel heard, understand their impact on others, resolve conflict and restore relationships.

Da Vinci Grant Award for Restorative Justice Program, The Davis Enterprise

Restorative Practices Cycle Image.jpg

19. An Epidemic of Sleep Deficiency: Undermining Student Success

Dr. Laura Barger, Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Sleep deficiency is highly prevalent in our society, especially among school children. The impact of insufficient sleep on students’ health, behavior and performance will be discussed as well as tips for making sleep a priority in your family.



PowerPoint presentation from "An Epidemic of Sleep Deficiency: Undermining Student Success"

  Student Sleeping In Class Image.jpg

20. What is LCAP? Learn About the DJUSD Local Control Accountability Plan

Dr. Clark Bryant, DJUSD Associate Superintendent of Educational Services

With sweeping changes in public education funding in California, districts across the state are in their first year of implementation of their Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP).  Come learn about our district's plan (focused on professional growth, assessment, climate, and parent engagement) and how you can contribute to this important work.

Schoolwork: Learning today for tomorrow’s world, The Davis Enterprise



PowerPoint presentation for What is LCAP?

Strategic Plan and LCAP Goals



  LCAP Image.png