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5th Annual DJUSD Parent Engagement Night

April 11, 2017 
6:00 to 8:00 pm
Harper Junior High MPR


5:40 - 6:15 pm


  • Light Buffet provided by Student Nutrition Services
  • Child Care provided by UCD Bridge Mentors

6:00 - 6:15 pm

Welcome and Overview

6:25 - 7:10 pm

Breakout Session 1

7:15 - 8:00 pm

Breakout Session 2

List of Presenters with Session Numbers

Troy Allen - 2.13

Sue Banducci - 1.8

Supt. John Bowes - 1.1

Nora Brazil - 1.12

Clark Bryant - 1.2

Erica Burnison - 1.10

Susie Carrell - 2.9

Bruce Colby - 2.2

Roxanne Deutsch - 2.9

Veronica Dunn - 1.5 & 2.4

Michelle Flowers - 1.6

Karen Gardias - 1.13

Jocelyn Guansing - 2.7

Laura Juanitas - 1.1

Susan Kirby - 2.12

Jim Knight - 1.2

Susan Landes - 2.6

Joanna Littell - 1.7 & 2.5

Jeff Lorenson - 2.11

Alena Marie - 2.3

Gretchen McMeekin - 2.8

Jennifer McNeil - 1.12

Cara Messmore - 2.6

Tyler Millsap - 2.12

Grace Park - 1.9

Ricardo Perez - 2.3

Kristy Powell - 1.4

Nikole Reina-Guerra - 2.8

Tom Slabaugh - 1.13

Carin Lenk Sloane - 1.7 & 2.5

Kate Snow - 1.3 & 2.3

Kristine Stanowicz - 1.4

Jennifer Terra - 1.11 & 2.1

Scott Thomsen - 1.3

Sue Viguie - 1.4

Kris Weir - 2.10

2017 DJUSD Parent Engagement Night

Four Questions from the Superintendent


  1. What is something great going on with the District?
  2. What is something in the District that could use a second look?
  3. What is something new you would like to see the District try?
  4. Describe your dream headline for the District five years from now.

Send your responses to Superintendent@djusd.net

Helping our children thrive

DJUSD parents, community and staff came together on Tuesday, April 11, for the 2017 Parent Engagement Night at Harper Junior High. The range of Socio-Emotional Learning interests that participants explored included ways we can support our children's sense of safety, their resilience and connection to others, and their expanding awareness that they can develop themselves in many ways. Thank you to all who joined this conversation about how we can more fully support our children.

Learn more about the Breakout Session topics

Sessions 1.__ are scheduled for Breakout 1 at 6:25 - 7:10 pm

Sessions 2.__ are scheduled for Breakout 2 at 7:15 - 8:00 pm

District Support

1.1  (K-12) DJUSD Board Policy: We All Belong


1.2 (K-12) California's New School Dashboard


2.1 (K-12) Multicultural Panel


2.2 (K-12) School Funding


2.3 (K-12) One Room, Many Voices


2.13 (preK-9) DJUSD ELA/ELD Adoption


1.6 (7-12) Understanding Trauma & How It Impacts Learning


1.7 (7-12) Building a Stronger Connection with Your Teen


1.11 (K-12) Ability Awareness Stations


2.4 (K-6) Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers


2.6 (7-12)  The Compassion Project: Parent Education and Skill Building on Adolescent Mental Health Issues


2.7 (K-6) Girls On the Run

Growth Mindset

1.4 (K-6) Introduction to Growth Mindset


1.5 (K-6) La mentalidad de crecimiento


2.8 (K-12) Supporting a Mathematical Growth Mindset

Student Engagement through Extra-Curricular Programs

1.13 (K-12) DJUSD Music Program


2.11 (9-12) Davis High School Athletics


2.12 (9-12) Promoting Internships in the Davis Community

Developing Math & Language Skills

1.10 Number Talks


1.12 (K-3) SEAL: Sobrato Early Academic Language


2.8 (K-12) Supporting a Mathematical Growth Mindset


2.10 (K-6) Building Math Fluency with Games

Restorative Practices

1.3 (K-12) Using Restorative Practices to Address Issues of Social and Racial Justice


2.9 (K-6) PBIS: An Umbrella of School-wide Supports for Elementary Students


1.8 (K-12) Exploring the Benefits of Mindfulness


2.5 (K-12) Mindfulness Techniques

Public Health Information

1.9 (K-12) Yolo County Children's Alliance: Mercury Exposure Prevention



Session 1.1  DJUSD Board Resolution: We All Belong

Superintendent John Bowes, Davis Joint Unified School District

Laura Juanitas, DJUSD Director of Student Support Services

Become informed about the We All Belong resolution that the Davis School Board approved in February 2017, which provides a clear and transparent statement that DJUSD shall be a place where all students, employees and families feel welcome and safe regardless of their immigration status, race, color, ancestry, national origin, ethnic group identification, age, religion, marital or parental status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or gender expression. Specifically, the resolution addresses procedures for responding to federal immigration enforcement action as well as policy changes around data collection on student enrollment.

Target Audience: K-12


We All Belong PowerPoint

Know Your Rights

We All Belong Resolution (English)

We All Belong Resolution (Spanish)


Session 1.2 California's New School Dashboard

Clark Bryant, Associate Superintendent of Educational Services

Jim Knight, Birch Lane Elementary Principal

Walk through the newly released online school accountability system from both the district and school perspectives. What can we learn about how our students' academic performance, English language learners' progress in learning English, graduation rates and discipline data? Where are we doing well? Are there trends in equity that can be seen?

Target Audience: K-12


California Schools Dashboard PowerPoint

Session 1.3  Using Restorative Practices to Address Issues of Social and Racial Justice

Scott Thomsen, Da Vinci Charter Academy Assistant Principal

Kate Snow, DJUSD School Climate Coordinator

Imagine there’s a way to approach the most difficult conflicts with hopeful anticipation in place of dread.  Come try on a way to understand and repair harm both big and small, historic and momentary, societal and personal, all in the context of schooling.

Target Audience: K-12


Using Restorative Practices to Address Issues of Racial and Social Justice PowerPoint

Restorative Practices Constructivist Listening

VIDEO RECORDING of Using Restorative Practices to Address Issues of Social and Racial Justice, April 11, 2017

Session 1.4  Introduction to Growth Mindset

Kristy Powell, Pioneer Elementary Teacher

Kristine Stanowicz, Pioneer Elementary Teacher

Sue Viguie, Pioneer Elementary Teacher

An overview of Growth Mindset, how it can be presented to primary and intermediate students, resources that can be used, and how parents can support a growth mindset at home.  We are hopeful that you will walk away excited about Growth Mindset with resources and strategies to get started.

Target Audience: K-6


Growth Mindset PowerPoint

Growth Mindset Information & Ideas Packet

Session 1.5  La mentalidad de crecimiento

Veronica Dunn, Cesar Chavez Teacher

¿Qué es una mentalidad de crecimiento? Aprenda sobre la mentalidad de crecimiento para ayudar a su hijo/a a aprender y disfrutar de la escuela.

Target Audience: K-6


La mentalidades PowerPoint

La mentalidades de crecimiento

Session 1.6  Understanding Trauma and How It Impacts Learning

Michelle Flowers, King High School Principal

This presentation will focus on Adverse Childhood Experiences and how they can affect a student's academic and emotional growth.

Target Audience: 7-12


Trauma's Impact on Learning

Session 1.7  Building a Stronger Connection with Your Teen

Carin Lenk Sloane, DJUSD Mental Health Intern

Joanna Littell, DJUSD Crisis Counselor

Based on empirically validated approaches by Dr. Sue Johnson and customized for parents and teens by local family and couples therapists Nancy & Paul Aikin, PhD, this session will offer a brief overview on how to: strengthen the bond with your teen, improve parent-teen communication, de-escalate conflict, and create an appreciation for how to stay connected during this important transitional stage.

Target Audience: 7-12


Hold Me Tight & Let Me Go PowerPoint

Exercise - Tracking the Negative Cycle

Session 1.8  Exploring the Benefits of Mindfulness

Sue Banducci, Harper Junior High Teacher

Introduction to the origins and purpose of mindfulness integrated with simple practices of parenting with mindfulness and many resources.

Target Audience: K-12


Exploring the Benefits of Mindfulness PowerPoint

Exploring Mindfulness

Session 1.9  Yolo County Children’s Alliance: Public Health and Mercury Exposure Prevention

Grace Park, Yolo County Children’s Alliance

Information for families to prevent mercury contamination, and general information about Yolo County Children’s Alliance resources such as health care, food security, and parent education.

Target Audience: K-12


Mercury in Fish & Low Literacy Brochure

Yolo County Children's Alliance April 2017 Newsletter

Session 1.10  Number Talks: Improving Number Sense and Fluency

Erica Burnison, DJUSD Instructional Coach in Mathematics

Successful math learners look for patterns and relationships and think about connections. They approach math with a mathematical growth mindset, with an active role in thinking about new ideas. Using Number Talks instead of flash cards & timed tests helps students see beyond math as a disconnected set of facts and procedures to memorize and either ‘get’ or ‘not get’. Number Talks promote curiosity and sense making about big ideas in math.

Target Audience: K-12

Session 1.11 Ability Awareness Stations

Jennifer Terra, Emerson Junior High Teacher and Peer Helping Advisor

Feel what it is like to walk in the shoes of a student with a learning disability

Target Audience: K-12

Session 1.12  SEAL: Sobrato Early Academic Language

Jennifer McNeil, Montgomery Elementary Principal

Nora Brazil, Montgomery SEAL Coach and Librarian

The Sobrato Early Academic Language (SEAL) Model is designed as a comprehensive model of intensive, enriched language and literacy education for English language learners, starting in preschool and continuing through third grade. It was designed by Laurie Olsen, a national expert in English language learner education. Learn about how the program is supporting student learning at Montgomery Elementary School, with perspectives from Principal Jennifer McNeil and Montgomery's SEAL Coach Nora Brazil.

Target Audience: TK-3

More information about SEAL

Session 1.13  Your Child and the Davis School District's Music Program

Karen Gardias, DJUSD Vocal Music Teacher

Tom Slabaugh, DJUSD Instrumental Music Teacher

Learn how participating in the Davis music program can benefit your child.

Target Audience: K-12

Session 2.1   Multicultural Panel

Jennifer Terra, Emerson Junior High Teacher and Peer Helping Advisor

Learn what it is like to walk in the shoes of some of our students, parents and community members, from various cultural backgrounds.

Target Audience: K-12

Session 2.2 School Funding

Bruce Colby, Chief Business and Operations Officer

Superintendent John Bowes, Davis Joint Unified School District

Join DJUSD Superintendent and Chief Business and Operations Officer for a presentation that will explain the ins and outs of school finance. Gain important insights and ask your questions about California's Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF), local Parcel tax revenue, the budget process and details on spending on programs and services.

Target Audience: K-12


School Funding Overview PowerPoint

Session 2.3  One Room, Many Voices: Planning for Cross-Language Communication

Alena Marie, Movidas Consulting

Kate Snow, DJUSD Climate Coordinator

Ricardo Perez, DJUSD English Learner Program Manager

This workshop will focus on language access as a critical part of effective and inclusive schools and introduces best practices for multilingual environments.The workshop will be bilingual in Spanish and English.

Target Audience: K-12


One Room, Many Voices Pop Quiz

One Room, Many Voices Language Access Packet

Session 2.4  Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers: A Case for Resilience

Veronica Dunn, Cesar Chavez Teacher

Students come to school with emotional and social needs that will affect their learning. Learn how resilience can be developed, helping children grow in their confidence, purposefulness, adaptability and relationships.

Target Audience: K-6


Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers Presentation

Session 2.5  Mindfulness Techniques

Joanna Littell, DJUSD Crisis Counselor

Carin Lenk Sloane, DJUSD Mental Health Intern

We will discuss mindfulness techniques for managing anxiety and stress.

Target Audience: K-12


Mindfulness Techniques PowerPoint

Mindfulness Brochure

Session 2.The Compassion Project: Parent Education and Skill Building on Adolescent Mental Health Issues

Dr. Susan Landes, DBT Center of Davis/Auburn

Cara Messmore, Da Vinci Charter Academy Counselor

A collaboration between Da Vinci and the Auburn Davis Center for DBT, The Compassion Project was developed by Jocelyn Cavins a DaVinci student, whose goal was to help parents learn more about mental health issues and develop coping skills for effectively addressing the feelings and  behaviors associated with them. DBT is a treatment comprised of four skills training modules, Mindfulness, Emotion Regulation, Distress Tolerance and Interpersonal Effectiveness. Dr. Landes will introduce you to those modules and make the case that the inclusion of DBT into middle school and/or home curriculum can decrease emotional dysregulation.

Target Audience: 7-12


Introduction to DBT

Session 2.7  Girls On the Run

Jocelyn Guansing, Willett Elementary Teacher

Girls on the Run is a national program with the mission of inspiring girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running. Learn how the program is being implemented at Willett Elementary School.

Target Audience: K-6


Girls on the Run PowerPoint

Session 2.8  Supporting a Mathematical Growth Mindset

Gretchen McMeekin, Holmes Junior High Teacher

Nikole Reina-Guerra, DJUSD Differentiation Specialist

The pervasive idea that we are born to be either “good in math” or “bad in math” can damage student potential and hinder their fulfillment of math. How we guide our children/students in the classroom and at home can help foster a “growth mindset” and, ultimately, a positive relationship with mathematics.    
Target Audience: K-12


Supporting a Mathematical Growth Mindset PowerPoint

Session 2.9  PBIS:  An Umbrella of Supports for Elementary Students

Susie Carrell, Birch Lane Elementary Counselor

Roxanne Deutsch, Birch Lane Elementary Teacher

Jennifer Galas, Special Education Program Specialist

Learn about the school-wide umbrella of supports and services called PBIS, which focus on the development and implementation of pro-active procedures and practices that help prevent problem behavior for all students and improve school climate.

Target Audience: K-6


PBIS: An Umbrella of Supports for Elementary Students PowerPoint

Session 2.1Mathematical Fluency through Games

Kris Weir, DJUSD Instructional Coach in Mathematics

Develop your child's mathematical fluency through games

Target Audience: K-6


Fluency through Games PowerPoint

Making Number Talks Matter - Guiding Principles

Making Number Talks Matter - Routines for Numbers Talks

Multiplication Top-It

Product Pile-Up

Make 10! (English & Spanish)

Half and Double Product Pile-Up

Bump Math Games for 10-sided Dice

Bump Math Games for 6-sided Dice

Session 2.11  Davis High Athletics "The Blue Devil Way"

Jeff Lorenson, Davis High School Athletic Director

The ins and outs of high school athletics.  From signing up to the celebrations of success.

Target Audience: 9-12


DHS Athletics: The Blue Devil Way PowerPoint

Session 2.12  Promoting Internships in the Davis Community

Susan Kirby, Da Vinci Charter Academy Internship Coordinator

Tyler Millsap, Da Vinci Charter Academy Principal

Internships are an excellent opportunity for students to explore possible career paths.  You will learn about the history of Da Vinci’s internship program, hear brief presentations by a Davis business owner and internship students to talk about the benefits of internships.  Ideas for internships will also be discussed.

Target Audience: 9-12


Da Vinci Internship Recruitment PowerPoint

Da Vinci Internships, 2010-2017

Session 2.13 DJUSD English Language Arts/English Language Development Adoption

Troy Allen, Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Overview of the process used by the District in 2016-17 to select the English Language Arts/English Language Development curriculum that will be used pre-Kindergarten through 9th grade upon adoption by the Board of Education.

Target Audience: pre-K-9


DJUSD English Language Arts/English Language Development Adoption Process


What is Socio-Emotional Learning?

One of the top three focus areas of the Davis school district this year is socio-emotional learning. Here is a clear definition of socio-emotional learning from edutopia, the George Lucas Educational ...more


El aprendizaje socio-emocional es una de las tres áreas de enfoque principales del Distrito Escolar Davis este año. Aquí hay una definición clara del aprendizaje socio-emocional de edutopia, la ...more

Helping Students Thrive in School: Engagement

Las 8 Prioridades Estatales
A. Condiciones de aprendizaje

1. Básico (los librios de texto, instalaciones & adecuada de maestros) 

2. Implementación de los estándares estatales

3. Acceso a los cursos
B. Resultados de los estudiantes

4. Logro del estudiante 

5. Otros resultados estudiantiles

C. Compromiso de los estudiantes

6. Compromiso de los estudiantes

7. Participación active de los padres

8. Ambiente escolar