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Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan

Strategic Planning Committee

Creativity and innovation inspire new learning and help drive progress. As professional learners, DJUSD wishes to push beyond the status quo. The Strategic Planning process brings DJUSD educators and the Davis community together to forward think, considers possibilities, and strategically set actions to guide our organization forward.  Creation and selection of the Strategic Planning Committee is one of the most important components of the Strategic Planning Process.  Overtime, it is necessary to refresh the Team to fill vacancies that are created for a variety of reasons and to bring new perspectives to the group.


 Below is a complete list of the Strategic Planning Committee Members:


Strategic Planning Committee

Annual Update February 24 and 25, 2017


Bill Calhoun, Community Member

Allison Chilcott, Community Member

Joe DiNunzio, Community Member

Cecilia Escamilla-Greenwald, Community Member

Lisa Haass, Community Member

Darcie Houch, Community Member

Kelly Heung, Community Member

Koren Motekaitis, Community Member

Joshua Newman, Community Member

Kelly Stachowicz, Community Member

Alan Fernandes, Board of Education


Daniel Alvarez, Student

Alyssa McBride, Student


John Bowes, Superintendent

Maria Clayton, District Office Staff

Jim Herrington, CSEA President

Blair Howard, DTA President

Elizabeth Merrill, Junior High Teacher

Michael Monticello, Elementary Teacher

Eleanor Neagle, High School Teacher

Cheryl Ozga, Classified Staff

Mary Ponce, Site Principal

Kate Prien, Classified Staff

Kate Snow, Climate Coordinator

Albert Vasquez, Classified Staff

TBD, Elementary Teacher


Overview: Development of the Strategic Plan

Why a Strategic Plan?

The Strategic Planning Process

  • To explore new possibilities
  • To provide the best academic program possible at all grade levels
  • To reestablish common values, purpose and direction that focus on children
  • To ensure appropriate distribution of resources
  • Strategic planning offers the best possible hope for involving and engaging the entire DJUSD community in making decisions
  • Strategic planning provides a framework for ongoing organizational renewal within the context of a rapidly changing community and world.

What is Strategic Planning?

Strategic Planning Development
 “Strategic planning is the means by which an organization continually creates artifactual systems toward extraordinary purpose.”  “Implicit in this definition is the concentration of all efforts, resources, activities, and energies toward a single goal.”  (The Cambrian Group)

Strategic planning is a process where the district can receive input from the community and staff that will enable the district to make long-range recommendations to the Board which includes:

  • What is most important in terms of educational focus
  • How resources should be best allocated
  • How we should organize the structure of the district

How will Strategic Planning Advance the DJUSD?
Strategic planning is a highly-structured process that relies on the participation of all the stakeholders in the community.  Participants went through a step-by-step process of:

  • Determining the values and beliefs of the community and school system
  • Developing a mission and objectives and a set of strategies for achieving the mission and objectives
  • Developing action plans for implementing the strategies


  • Hundreds of parents, teachers, students, business people, and the community were involved in the process
  • A planning team of 26 members, who collectively reflect the values and perspectives of our community were responsible for developing our strategic plan and presenting it to the Governing Board.  The planning team included board members, administrators, teachers, staff, community members, parents and students.
  • The planning team developed, through consensus, a district mission, objectives, and strategies for achieving those objectives.
  • Action teams were formed and worked over a three-month period to develop detailed implementation plans for each strategy.  Each implementation plan specified tasks, timelines, and responsibilities, and included a written cost-and benefit analysis.   Everyone who volunteered were accepted onto an action team.
  • During a second planning retreat, the planning team reviewed implementation plans and prepared a final strategic plan for presentation and approval by the Governing Board.

Strategic Plan Annual Update February 24 and 25, 2017



During the 2013-14 school year, Davis Joint Unified School District underwent an intense and inclusive process to create the district’s first Strategic Plan. That plan was approved by the Board of Education on March 6, 2014.  As part of the process, an annual review takes place to monitor progress and to ensure we continue to move in the right direction.  Along with the Board of Education, this work guides the vision and mission of DJUSD for our students.


The Strategic Plan Annual Update and the Action Team 5 Report are included below.  During the Annual Update, the team received the reports and heard presentations about the progress we are making as a district.  An updated will be provided to the Board of Education later this spring.


Annual Update Report

Action Team 5 Report

Strategy 5: Focus on Quality Employees

Strategic Planning Committee, 2nd Annual Review April 1 and 2, 2016

Strategic Planning Committee, 1st Annual Review February 27 and 28, 2015

Strategic Planning Committee Session #1

DJUSD Strategic Plan-Board Adopted March 6, 2014