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Professional Growth Champions

Davis Joint Unified School District

Recognition of Effort Above and Beyond in the area of Planning & Leading
Professional Growth & Learning Opportunities for DJUSD Colleagues

August 26, 2013

District-Wide Professional Growth and Learning Opportunities

Spring 2013 - Secondary Articulation

Susan Banducci
Eight Habits of Mind & Studio Thinking

Brian Donnelly &
Brett Kelley

STEM Learning

Caroline Loomis
Math Practices from the Common Core

Jennifer McNeil
Counseling Presentation

Carrie Pilon
Hilary Brittan

But I’m Not an English Teacher

Amanda Sharpe
Edmodo Skills

Scott Thomsen
Disaggregating Assessment Data to Track Student Progress

Kristen Uliasz
Special Education & PBL/Common Core

Summer 2013 - Professional Growth Workshops

Linda Biewer-Elstob
Using Writer’s Notebooks with the Common Core (4-12)

Arlene denDulk
Close Reading & Complex Text in the Common Core (K-6)

Cathryn Huser
Guided Reading for the Common Core (K-3)

Pat King
Analysis of Math Content & Junior High Review in the CCSS (7-9)

Kris Weir
Model Drawing Overview for the CCSS (2-6)

Kelly Wilkerson
Scaffolds for Research & Expository Writing in CCSS (7-12)







Site Level Professional Growth and Learning Opportunities

Birch Lane

Amy George
Project Based Learning

Sally Palow & Lakshmi Aradhya
Common Core Math, Current Math Adoptions & Montessori

Cesar Chavez

Kathy Roddenbuck
Reading Intervention


Allen Carlson
Active Learning & Student Engagement – Vocabulary & Comprehension

Lisa Arvin, Molly Brusca, Robert Creely, Sarah Foley,
    Danette Krueger, Teri Murphy & Janet Sitts

ELD/Math Mini-Workshops: Active Listening, Vocabulary & Academic Language

Cheri Olmstead
Understanding By Design


Kim Patchett & Nora Brazil
ELA & the Common Core

Karrie Hernandez
Data-Driven ELD Interventions

Kellie Sequiera
Student Talk


Kris Weir, Sheila Bean, Andrea Thomas & Sue Darst
PacTin: ELD/ELA & the Common Core – Resources for Teachers





Kim Bobadilla
Edmodo & LearnZillion

Kathy Gill
STEM & Elementary Science


Jack Dapkewicz, Tara Johnson, Nori Lindberg
    & Reath Snyder
Common Core Collaboration


North Davis

Karen Luke & Gabe Stewart
Q Gradebook Training  (site & district level)




Jennifer Wolfe & Amanda Sharpe
Building Common Core Understanding & Sharing Resources via Edmodo

Tim McCormick
School Loop


Carrie Pilon
Writing & the Common Core

Kerin DeVarennes & Pernia Hassan
T-Bear, Reading & Literacy

Amanda Sharpe
California Learns

John O’Brien & Yves Bouyssounouse
School Loop


Pat King
CPM Algebra I & New Common Core Math Standards

Heather Wade
CPM Geometry

Jennifer Sommer & Leeana Neely
School Loop & Q Gradebook

Davis Senior High School

Chris Lee & Kristin Swanstrom
New Teacher Support Team

David Blackwell & Jennifer Denton Lew
Math & the Common Core

Trisha Butler, Karen Gardias, Linda Husmann,
    Jennifer Lew Denton, Naoko McHale, John Oster,
    Scott Richardson, Ingrid Salim, Lori Webster
    & Bill Wheeler

Professional Learning Community Leadership

Bruce Cummings
School Loop & Edmodo

Scott Richardson
Q Support & Training


Da Vinci Charter Academy

Scott Bell & Tyler Millsap
Project Based Learning

Caroline Loomis
Merging Common Core & PBL in Developmental Ways


Eleanor Low
Performance Tasks for the Common Core

Secondary English Learner Program

Jason Teves, Anthony Vasquez & David Achimore
Introduction to the New ELD Standards

DJUSD Nurses

Rhona Youtsey & Lisa Musser
CPR & First Aid