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School Loop for Staff

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All DJUSD staff have access to School Loop services, including a personal portal, webpage, access to LoopMail and Groups. Log-in to the School Loop system is through your work site's home page using your district credentials. District-level staff will log in through the district Home Page. Staff assigned to more than one school site will need to consult with their site School Loop system administrator or the district School Loop system administrator. All student, class and teacher scheduling has been imported into School Loop and is updated nightly. websites are automatically generated for teachers including class schedules, and students are automatically connected to the teacher's portal and website in their personal portals.

For new users, a pair of video tutorials have been prepared to guide you through the initial setup and use of your portal and website setup.

At the Elementary School level, School Loop provides websites schools, teachers and staff. Teachers may publish websites and use the School Loop communication tools to communicate with students. Teachers may choose to use School Loop Discussion, LoopMail, Project and Group tools for instruction, and store their work, up to 100MB/file, in their School Loop resource locker as students do. At this initial implementation phase, parents do not register for portal access for students at the elementary level, and do not participate in LoopMail. Teacher-to-parent email is managed through the district student information system, Q.

Teachers with team/tandem assignments have slightly different School Loop setups, and should consult their school site or district system administrator. Teachers and administrators may use LoopMail for communicating with colleagues, parents and students, and teacher calendar utilities coordinate with site-level calendars.

At the Secondary School level, grades 7 through 12, School Loop not only provides websites for schools, teachers and staff and the same robust portal system as elementary students, it also serves as the electronic gradebook for secondary teachers. Parents who register for School Loop accounts receive daily email updates from their students schools and teachers as described here.

School Loop Support Website

School Loop Support Locker

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