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Department Directory

Mailing Address:

Davis Joint Unified School District
526 B Street
Davis, CA 95616

Web pages and contact information:

Links to Department Webpages Email Telephone Fax
Administrative Services email_icon.jpg 530-757-5300 ext.105 530-757-5422
Board of Education email_icon.jpg 530-757-5300 ext.142 530-757-5323
Business Services email_icon.jpg 530-757-5300 ext.122 530-757-5319
Customer Service email_icon.jpg 530-757-5300 ext.101 530-757-5422
Facilities email_icon.jpg 530-759-2182 530-757-5321
Facilities Use email_icon.jpg 530-759-2182 530-757-5321
Health Services email_icon.jpg 530-757-5300 ext.140  
Human Resources email_icon.jpg 530-757-5300 ext.106 530-757-5422
Instructional Services email_icon.jpg 530-757-5300 ext.144 530-757-5323
Instructional Technology Services email_icon.jpg 530-757-5300 ext.117 530-757-5303
Maintenance and Operations email_icon.jpg 530-757-5385 530-757-5321
Payroll email_icon.jpg 530-757-5300
(Names A-K: x126, L-Z: x124)
Special Education Services email_icon.jpg 530-757-5300 ext.113  
Student Nutrition Services email_icon.jpg 530-759-2186 530-757-5321
Student Support Services email_icon.jpg 530-757-5300 ext.140 530-757-5323
Superintendent's Office email_icon.jpg 530-757-5300 ext.142 530-757-5323