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Leadership Team

Click the name below to email and/or visit the staff member's webpage:

Name Position Site

 Dr. John Bowes


District Office

Rody Boonchouy

Associate Superintendent of Instructional Services 

District Office

Matt Best

Deputy Superintendent of Administrative Services

District Office

Bruce Colby

Chief Business and Operations Officer

District Office

Laura Juanitas

Director of Student Support Services

District Office

Troy Allen

Director of Secondary Education and School Leadership

District Office

Matt Duffy

Director of Elementary Education and School Leadership

District Office

Derek Brothers

Director of Personnel Services

District Office

Michelle Flowers

John Campbell

Manager of Student Services

District Office

Patrick McGrew

Director of Special Education

District Office

Jennifer Galas

Program Manager for Special Education

District Office

Marcia Bernard

Director of Instructional Technology and Learning

District Office

Bob Kehr

Manager of Technological Support

District Office

Debbie Hernandez

Student Information System Administrator

District Office

Kate Snow

Coordinator of School Climate Activities

District Office

Jenna Gonzales

Director of Children's Center

District Office

Omaira Reyna

Director of Fiscal Services

District Office

Laura Lilley

Supervisor of Accounting and Budget

District Office

 Cara Messmore

Prevention & Crisis Manager

District Office

Natalie Zehnder

Prevention & Crisis Counselor

District Office

 Niki Reina-Guerra

Differentiation Specialist

District Office

 Ricardo Perez

Director of English Learner, Immersion and World Language Programs

District Office

Connie Best

Director of Yolo-Solano Induction

District Office

David Burke

Director of Facilities, Maintenance & Operations


Mel Nelson

Manager of Maintenance and Operations


Karen Harris

Director of Student Nutrition Services



Supervisor of Central Kitchen


 Maria Clayton

Public Information Officer

District Office


Grace Sauser

Principal of Davis Adult School

Davis Adult School

Tom McHale

Interim Principal of Davis Senior High School

Davis Senior High

Mark Simi

Interim Vice Principal of Davis Senior High School

Davis Senior High

 Amelia Hess

Vice Principal of Davis Senior High School

Davis Senior High

 Kellie Sequeira

Vice Principal of Davis Senior High School

Davis Senior High

 Jeffrey Lorenson

Athletic Director

Davis Senior High

Katherine Peter

District Performing Arts Facilities Coordinator

Davis Senior High

Tyler Millsap

Principal and Director of Da Vinci Charter Academy

Leonardo Da Vinci Charter Academy

Annie Nelson

Vice Principal of Da Vinci Charter Academy

Leonardo Da Vinci Charter Academy

Richard Kinder

Principal of Davis School for Independent Study

Davis School for Independent Study

 Michelle Flowers

Principal of Martin Luther King, Jr. High School

Martin Luther King, Jr. High School

Kerin Kelleher

Principal of Frances Ellen Watkins Harper Junior High

Harper Junior High

Jennifer Mullin

Vice Principal of Frances Ellen Watkins Harper Junior High

Harper Junior High

Scott Thomsen

Principal of Ralph Waldo Emerson Junior High School

Emerson Junior High

 John Campbell

Vice Principal of Ralph Waldo Emerson Junior High School

Emerson Junior High

Jean Kennedy

Principal of  Oliver Wendell Holmes Junior High

Holmes Junior High

Mike Dufresne

Vice Principal of Oliver Wendell Holmes Junior High

Holmes Junior High



Principal of Pioneer Elementary School

Pioneer Elementary

Jim Knight

Principal of Birch Lane Elementary School

Birch Lane Elementary

Denise Beck

Principal of César Chávez Elementary School

César Chávez Elementary

Heidi Perry

Principal of Robert E. Willett Elementary School

Robert E. Willett Elementary

Mary Ponce

Principal of Fred T. Korematsu Elementary School

Korematsu Elementary

Jennifer McNeil

Principal of Marguerite Montgomery Elementary

Montgomery Elementary

Sarah Roseen

Principal of North Davis Elementary School

North Davis Elementary

Gay Bourguignon

Principal of Patwin and Fairfield Elementary Schools

Patwin Elementary
Fairfield Elementary