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Supplemental Educational Services

Free tutoring for students at Program Improvement schools in Year 2 or more


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2015-16 Supplemental Educational Services (SES) Information for Parents:


Click here for the 2015-16 SES Application


DJUSD List of SES Companies

2015-16 DJUSD SES Providers List (English)

2015-16 DJUSD SES Providers List (Spanish)

The 2015-16 DJUSD SES Providers List includes 27 companies that have been approved to provide tutoring services to Birch Lane, Montgomery and Patwin students. The list has each company’s information about 1) how many students work with a tutor at one time, 2) how much money the company charges the district for each hour of tutoring, 3) how many hours of tutoring the company will provide each child, 4) the locations where the company will hold tutoring sessions, 5) whether it is online tutoring, and 6) other information.


Applying for the SES Tutoring program:

  1. SES tutoring applications are posted above; they were first posted on Wednesday, October 14, 2015.
  2. Applications are also available in the school offices at Birch Lane, Montgomery and Patwin.
  3. Parents turned in their child’s SES application at the SES Providers Fair on Wednesday, October 14, 2015. 
  4. Parents also turned in their child’s SES application to their child’s school office on or before Thursday, October 22, 2015. 
  5. Federal law gives enrollment priority to students from low-income families. Once all interested low income families were served, SES services were open to all students at Birch Lane, Montgomery and Patwin elementary schools on a first come, first served basis.
  6. All the SES tutoring spaces were filled by students whose applications were submitted by October 22, 2015.
  7. An SES waiting list will be created if parents submit applications for SES tutoring after the filing deadline. 
  8. If families that have been assigned a tutoring space decide to leave the tutoring program, parents of students on the waiting list will be contacted about their child’s opportunity to receive tutoring.


SES is FREE tutoring provided under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), also known as No Child Left Behind. The SES tutoring program is for eligible students to improve their reading and math skills.

All students who attend a Title I Program Improvement (PI) school in Year 2 or higher are eligible for SES tutoring, with highest priority for placement given to low-income students at those schools. 2015-16 SES tutoring is available to students who attend Montgomery, Birch Lane and Patwin. 

All SES tutoring providers who are on the 2015-16 DJUSD SES Provider List have been approved by the California State Board of Education.


2015-16 DJUSD SES Information for SES Providers

SES Providers are required to use the Davis Joint Unified School District SES forms. When submitting the required DJUSD Student Learning Plan (SLP) and/or DJUSD Student Attendance/Progress Report, SES Providers may additionally submit the company's Student Learning Plan and/or Student Attendance/Progress Report forms.


DJUSD Student Learning Plan

DJUSD Student Attendance/Progress Report form


2015-16 SES tutoring services will be offered in the Davis Joint Unified School District (DJUSD) at the following schools:

  • Montgomery Elementary School (PI Year 5)
  • Birch Lane Elementary School  (PI Year 2)
  • Patwin Elementary School (PI Year 2)

The district will fund SES services for a total of 110 K-6 students from Montgomery Elementary School, Birch Lane Elementary School, and Patwin Elementary School. While federal law gives priority to students from low income families, once all interested low income families are served, SES services are open to all students at Birch Lane, Montgomery and Patwin on a first come, first served basis.

SES Providers will offer all tutoring services outside of the regular school day. DJUSD has found that after-school is the most common time for SES to be offered, but tutoring has also taken place on weekends.

Locations where DJUSD SES tutoring sessions are most frequently offered include:

  • School sites as room availability permits
  • Local libraries during normal library hours, including the Mary L. Stevens Davis Library and the South Davis Montgomery Satellite Library
  • In students' homes
  • Over the internet

Parents must be consulted and agree to the time and location at which tutoring services are delivered.

Questions? Contact Kitty Hudson Cawley at khudson@djusd.net.


Inquiries Regarding the Use of DJUSD Facilities

SES companies that are interested in renting Davis Joint Unified School District facilities to provide tutoring services may inquire about room availability at facilitiesuse@djusd.net . The Facilities Use Form can be found at http://www.djusd.net/facilities