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DJUSD acknowledges that there is a regional compensation gap in pay for our staff and DJUSD has identified this as a core challenge for our school district. We invite our school community to be part of a conversation to find real solutions. Contact the Superintendent with your ideas on how to raise revenue and/or reprioritize expenditures by emailing TeamSolutions@djusd.net.  


Professional Growth

Specific Result 1-  To ensure growth and development pathways exist for all levels of district employees through a comprehensive professional growth system, DJUSD will become the preferred place to work in the Sacramento region because of the district’s commitment to supporting new and current teachers, administrators, and staff through professional development, career counseling, and teacher training.


Find out more about how DJUSD is improving the Professional Growth systems for staff.


Retention and Satisfaction

Specific Result 2

100% of certificated, classified and administrative staff report that the district is a culturally responsive environment where they feel safe, recognized, respected, and a sense of agency to be innovative.


Find out more about how DJUSD is working to increase employee retention and satisfaction.


Team Solutions: Employee Development and Compensation


The Davis Joint Unified School District values and prioritizes employees, because they are essential to achieve our mission of educating students. On February 26, 2017, the DJUSD Strategic Planning Committee created the following goal:


Strategic Plan Goal 5

DJUSD has the strategic priority of developing, implementing and assessing a comprehensive human resources system consistent with our mission and objectives, focusing on:  1) recruiting,2) supporting, 3) evaluating, 4) retaining, 5) advancing and 6) recognizing a team of highly qualified diverse and dedicated staff.


Learn more about why the fifth strategic plan goal was created.

Closing the Employee Compensation Gap

Find out more about how DJUSD plans to close the compensation gap and what is happening in Negotiations with our Associations (DTA and CSEA).

Frequently Asked Questions

To learn about regional compensation levels, the California teacher shortage, DJUSD teacher retention and more, visit our Frequently Asked Questions document.

Track Your Ideas

Check out the ideas suggested by our community and view an up-to-date analysis of those ideas.  Ideas submitted through our Team Solutions email address will be included as well as other feedback we receive. DJUSD is committed to exploring all ideas the community has regarding increasing revenues and/or re-prioritizing expenditures in order to meet our fifth strategic goal. 

Action Team 5 Process

Strategic Planning Action 5 Team comprised of more than twenty committed members of our school community (staff, parents, and community members), met ten (10) times from October 25, 2016, to February 7, 2017, to complete the charge to come up with 4-5 specific results that would support the Strategy Goal 5.  The team the began the process by engaging in a visioning activity to set the context for what DJUSD could be if this goal was met. This activity created many questions about best practices, policies, procedures, precedence, contractual obligations, etc. As a result, the team conducted weeks of relevant action research on many topics, including:

  • reviewing current and past staff demographics and rates of recruitment and retention,
  • contacting other school districts,
  • researching benefits and compensation packages,
  • reading relevant research on diversity in hiring,
  • speaking with current and former staff members, and most notably,
  • conducting and analyzing the results of a survey of classified, certificated and administrative staff interests, desires and satisfaction to which over 500 people responded


The culmination of the Action Team's work was the production of the four (4) Action Plans following from four Specific Results: 1) Professional Growth, 2) Retention and Satisfaction, 3) Recruitment, and 4) Compensation and Benefits.



Specific Result 3 - Create and implement an enhanced district-wide comprehensive recruitment process that provides timely and qualified staffing of school district personnel needs and expands the diversity of staff in the district.

Find out more about how DJUSD is working to improve employee recruitment.

Compensation and Benefits

Specific Result 4

To make DJUSD a more desirable employer by providing compensation above the comparable regional levels for all employees and by providing flexible benefits that are delivered

through an accessible, user friendly and customer service oriented human resources system.


Find out how DJUSD is working to improve compensation and benefits for employees.