Stabbing at Sycamore Park
Posted on 04/30/2023
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Dear Parents and Guardians:

This morning, the Davis Police Department reported a fatal stabbing Saturday night at Sycamore Park (next door to Willett Elementary School) around 9:00 p.m. This is the second fatal stabbing to occur in Davis in the last week, and investigators are still determining whether the incidents are linked. The Davis Police Department has released the name of the deceased to be Davis Senior High School 2020 graduate, Karim Majdi Abou Najm. Karim attended Davis Senior High School for 11th and 12th grades. We offer our sincere condolences to Karim’s family and friends. It is normal for people to experience a range of emotions when something like this happens. We know this is extremely upsetting and can create fear throughout our community.

The Davis Police Department has not located the suspect, but at this time, he is reported to be a light-skinned male, possibly Hispanic, 5’-7” to 5’-8” tall, 19-23 years of age, with long curly loose hair. He was last seen riding a men’s bike with straight handlebars and wearing a white hat, a light-colored T-shirt with a button-up shirt over it. We have every hope that Davis PD will apprehend the suspect today, but if that does not occur, please continue to remain vigilant of your surroundings today and in the coming days. Please call the Davis Police Department if you have any information about this crime, or if you see anyone matching the description above. If you would like to remain anonymous, you can also call the Davis PD tip line at (530) 747-5460.

All schools will be open tomorrow on a normal bell schedule. Principals and counselors at all school sites will hold a safety briefing with staff prior to school opening to reinforce safety protocols, increased supervision, and to be prepared for students who may have fears about being at school. Below this message you can view the guidance being given to our staff.

Here are some ways to support your student(s):

  • Be honest and concrete about what has happened.
  • Follow your student’s lead on what they would like to discuss.
  • Reinforce all the safety measures that are in place in your home and at school.
  • Prepare your student to review shelter in place and lockdown drills at school on Monday, May 1.
  • Practice coping strategies and ways to stay calm such as deep breathing, mindfulness, and encourage them to take a break if they feel overwhelmed.

Experiencing this kind of violence in our community can be extremely upsetting. If you, or your student feels in need of support, please visit our DJUSD Mental Health and Wellness page for resources, or submit a student social-emotional support form.

In community,
DJUSD Communications
The following safety plan has been shared with all DJUSD staff:


All schools must review safety protocols with students on Monday, May 1.

  1. Reinforce safety: Students need to follow rules and stay within the boundaries of the school. Follow our lead and stay calm.
  2. All doors must be locked, per usual protocol, with lock blocks engaged.
    • Should we need to shelter in place or lockdown, lock blocks can easily be disengaged to immediately secure doors.
  3. Shelter in place
    • Doors locked, blinds closed, teachers can continue to teach as usual
    • Request escorts to restroom
  4. Lockdown
    • Doors locked, blinds closed, lights off, silence in class.
    • Updates will come via email.

Not all students, particularly young students, will be aware of these events, so we do not encourage lengthy class discussion about these incidents. Use your discretion based on the age of the students you teach.

School Counselors and additional mental health clinicians are available to be deployed if any students need support.

If students ask questions in class, please follow these talking points:

  • Acknowledge the situation and provide facts:
    • Two people died in Davis City parks.
    • Davis Police Department is being assisted by surrounding police departments, and is heavily staffed, present, and engaged in keeping our community safe.
  • Encourage Communication: Remind students to communicate with trusted adults if they are feeling unsafe or confused about this situation.
  • Highlight Support: Allow students to see a counselor if they would like to talk about how they are feeling.
  • Discuss coping strategies: Encourage students to stay calm such as deep breathing, mindfulness, and taking a quick break if they feel overwhelmed.