Staff Health and Safety Training

                  Administration of Medication & Epi-Pen                  

For staff administering medication to students (e.g. office staff & teachers):
     1. Review videos and resources in all three tabs below
     2. Complete the 
Medication Knowledge Check and alert your school nurse 

For teachers who require epinephrine (EpiPen) training only:

     1. Review the EPI-PEN tab only, including the video and document
     2. Complete the EpiPen Knowledge Check

                 Health-Related Staff Training Documents                 

All staff should review the following 6 bulleted resources at the start of every school year:


All staff should watch the following videos on how to use an AED and perform hands-only CPR. After watching videos, please complete this knowledge check.

Philips HeartStart OnSite: AED Demo Video
Philips HeartStart FRx: AED Demo Video
Philips HeartStart FRx: How To Use The Pediatric Key
Project ADAM: Hands Only CPR Video

Opioid Overdose and Stock Naloxone

All staff who wish to volunteer to administer life-saving naloxone should review the training on how to recognize signs of opioid overdose and save a life with naloxone.

1. Click tile below to review training
2. Complete the online Opioid Antagonist Volunteer Indemnity Acknowledgement
3. Contact your School Nurse to complete a skills check

DJUSD Staff Training for Stock Naloxone


Minutes count! Severe bleeding can lead to death in as little as 5 minutes. 

Bleeding control kits are available on all DJUSD campuses. Talk to your school nurse. How To Use A Tourniquet

All staff are encouraged to complete STOP THE BLEED training annually. After completing the interactive training linked below, certification through a skills-only class is encouraged, but not required.  

opens stop the bleed training in new window

Disinfectant Training

Staff who would like to use disinfectant (QT+) while on campus must complete training on the proper use of disinfectants through Target Solutions. Please contact Personnel Services to have the training assigned to you. You may also review this helpful video:

Cleaning with QT+
Specialized Physical Health Care Services Authorization to be initiated by school nurse

TB Risk Assessment Form to be completed with your health care provider

Health Exam in the School Setting Guidelines for Health Office Staff

Seizure Medication Volunteer Indemnity Acknowledgement to be completed by trained staff

Stock Epinephrine Indemnity Acknowledgement to be completed by trained staff