Music Program Frequently Asked Questions

What Music Options are Available to Elementary Students?
All 4th grade students receive a weekly, 30 minute Intro to Music lesson, with a certificated music teacher. Here, they learn the concepts of rhythm, pitch, instrument families, sound production, and much more to prepare them to select an instrument the following year - or to just become more knowledgeable music appreciators!

5th and 6th grade students may begin on a string or band instrument, and will receive one year of instruction with a group of students learning the same instrument. After a year of instruction, students would move to a Continuing class, which combines string or band instruments together to build ensemble skills as well as progress on their chosen instrument.

Are school instruments available?
Yes! Instruments are available for students who would be unable to participate without the loan of a district instrument. You will have an option to request an instrument on the online enrollment form. Please note that the district does not have alto saxes or snare drums to loan, but does have all other band and string instruments.
What are the advantages of participating in the music program?
In addition to providing a creative break during the school day, a music education builds a child’s confidence, tenacity, and ability to process all information more effectively, as a result of using both sides of their brain for a single activity. Through the performing arts, the children build social strengths and improve their listening skills. Auditory skills obtained through music will help with language development.

Playing a musical instrument can be a lifelong interest, spawning many years of enjoyment, fulfillment, and social connections.

How does my child begin in the elementary music program?
Each fall, the music teachers will lead an assembly to demonstrate the instruments taught and available for the students to select. At that time, information will be given about how to enroll, how to get a district-provided instrument (if needed) and when lessons will start.

Of course, families can contact their school’s music teacher at any time with specific questions.

Can my child wait until junior high or high school to join band or orchestra?
Junior high school band and orchestra classes expect at least one year of experience prior to joining in 7th grade. Students who participate in the elementary music program would have the needed experience to join the junior high instrumental groups. Students who have equivalent experience through private lessons could also join in junior high school.
What about choir?
At this time choir is not a standard part of the school day curriculum in the elementary schools. Some elementary schools have before or after school choir programs funded through site or PTO/PTA money, and it is not always taught by a credentialed music teacher. Choir is offered as a daily elective class beginning in 7th grade, and is open to ALL students, including those who have no prior experience.