Student Solidarity Task Force

In response to several incidents targeting African-Americans, Jewish people and the LGBTQ community in the fall of 2017, then-Interim Principal Tom McHale worked with Climate Coordinator Kate Snow to bring together students from these groups, including members of the Black Student Union, the Jewish Student Union and the Genders and Sexualities Alliance to help define how these events had affected students and what could be done to make things right. 

The group met weekly throughout the year, working on a sound document to record student stories and speaking on several panels at schools and in the community, working to build understanding throughout the District. In May 2017 the SSTF was awarded the Young Humanitarian Thong Hy Hyunh Award from the City of Davis' Human Relations Commission for its work.

SSTF panels presented to:

  • The DJUSD We All Belong Forum, December 2017
  • Davis Senior High staff meeting, January 2018
  • ACME Theatre's production of The White Rose, post-performance discussion
  • Harper Junior High School staff meeting, February 2018
  • Holmes Junior High School staff meeting, February 2018
  • City of Davis Human Relations Commission, April 2018

Student Solidarity Task Force on We All Belong Panel

Members of student solidarity task force standing with Climate Coordinator Kate Snow