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CalPERS Health Plans and Resources

Important information to know:

If you make no changes during Open Enrollment, you will still see changes on your paycheck.  New rate plans are effective January 1, 2025 and almost all premiums will change, increasing or decreasing.

School year (10 & 11 month) employees will see the rate change in the September end-of-month paycheck (on September 30, 2024). This is when the rates are blended, or averaged, over the school year.  All other (12- month) employees will see the health care deduction adjusted on the December end-of-month paycheck. For additional rate comparisons and calculations of blended rates, please see the " Enrollment" for more information.

Recourse Links:

It's important to review and understand your health plan for more information please visit the CalPERS website.

Enrollment Forms are at the top of our benefit page under Enrollment.

Important Documents Needed to Activate Coverage

New Enrollment forms or Changes made are due by the 10th of the month to take effect on the 1st of the coming month.

Sign up now! Enrollment forms are required to activate coverage.

Enrollment forms are now completed electronically. Once forms are submitted and processed, the employee will receive a read-only copy of any form(s) submitted as confirmation of enrollment.

For any employee that is eligible for benefits and opts to waive coverage, a form must be completed.

Required documents to include for adding:

  • Dependents: Copy of the birth certificate for all dependents under 26; medical certification for all disabled dependents.
  • Spouse or domestic partner: Copy of marriage license, domestic partnership certification,
    or court order.
Dental - Delta Dental

DJUSD employees are offered dental benefits through Delta Dental PPO of California. Delta Dental does not mail welcome kits or ID cards.

***Please visit the Delta Dental website to register/create an account, search for network offices, dental benefits, and more:

Monthly Dental Rates:

Active Employees*

 *Employee only     $0.00
 Employee plus 1 Dependent  $77.63
 Employee plus 2 or more      $129.45
 Certificated Management 
 and Confidential plus 2 or more 

Click on the links below for more information.

Dental Benefits for Management/Confidential employees

Dental Benefits for DTA/CSEA employees

Vision - Vision Service Plan

DJUSD employees are offered vision benefits through Vision Service Plan. VSP does not mail welcome kits or ID cards.

***Please visit the VSP website to register/create an account, search for network offices, vision benefits, and more:

Monthly Certificated Vision Rates*

 *Employee only  $0.00 
 Employee plus 1  $18.76
 Employee plus 2 or more  $27.43

Monthly Classified Vision Rates*

 *Employee only   $0.00
 Employee plus 1   $18.79
 Employee plus 2 or more  $26.99

VSP Classified
VSP Certificated

VSP Frequently Asked Questions

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Psychological Resource Associates offers Employee Assistance Programs to Davis Joint Unified School District. There are a wide variety of services for employees. 

Employees can check out their website or send an email for more information:

Psychological Resource Associates


Email[email protected]

Davis Office [click for map]
1627 Oak Ave. Suite A
Davis, CA 95616
(530) 756-0555

Employer Medical Contributions

Davis Joint Unified School District, like many districts in California, has a cap on the amount we contribute to each employee group. Below is what we offer by group. Monthly amounts below reflect the benefit for 1 full-time equivalent (FTE) employment and are prorated for total FTE over .50 to 1.0.

Health monthly Benefit Caps amount are calculated based off of a 12 month pay cycle. 

Benefit Caps

Certificated, Management (Cabinet), ALT, Conf Benefit Cap
Health benefit cap:

Employee only    $772.67

Employee +1 $1,036.25
Family $1,211.25
Classified and Confidential (Single) Benefit Cap

Health benefit cap:

Any plan level    $785.17

Retiree Benefits

Retirees (All Classifications)

Retiree only    $56.22  
Retiree plus 1 $96.64
Retiree plus 2 or more $164.30


Retirees (Certificated Classifications)

Retiree only  $8.98
Retiree plus 1 $18.76
Retiree plus 2 or more $27.43

Retirees (Classified Classifications)

Retiree only  $8.99
Retiree plus 1  $18.79
Retiree plus 2 or more $26.99

Benefit Technician

Oscar Alcocer
Accounting Technician III

(530)757-5300 ext. 127
Book a meeting with Oscar

Online Payments

You can now pay your medical, dental, and vision premiums online for DJUSD retiree, LOA or COBRA payments!  Click on the icon above for access to the DJUSD Webstore

Delta Dental/VSP Hearing Discount Program Flyers

Amplifon Hearing Health Care

TruHearing Hearing Aid Discount Offer

Voluntary Deductions

TSA Retirement Savings Plans

Please note: 
The 2024 IRS Annual Limit for Employee Contributions: $23,000.
The catch-up contribution: $7,500 for 50+ ($30,500 total)

For a complete list of DJUSD's approved supplemental retirement savings plans [403(b) or 457(b)] please visit: 

Envoy Plan Services Providers

Envoy Plan Services Contact Information

Envoy 403(b) and 457(b) Plan Highlights for DJUSD

To enroll, contact an approved provider to begin the process.  Once enrolled, complete Envoy's Online  Salary Reduction Agreement to set up voluntary payroll deductions.


American Fidelity - Elective Benefits

American Fidelity Brochure

Click here
 to watch a variety of short videos about each of your options. 

For further information on the best benefit options for you, please contact American Fidelity at (800) 365-8306, ext. 0 or click here. 

Standard Insurance- Life and Disability (Certificated Only)

Standard Website
contact: (800) 522-0406
Email: [email protected]

Davis Teachers Association has arranged for a special enrollment opportunity for Disability and Life Insurance through Standard Insurance Company (The Standard), the CTA-endorsed carrier for Disability and Life Insurance.

You will find details of the upcoming enrollment opportunity, ways CTA members can apply and some frequently asked questions by clicking here.